Why do I need an explainer video?

Why do I need an explainer video?

Simply because of time limitation and inspiration. What does that mean?!

Today is totally different than any day before where we succeeded with traditional marketing methods and strategies. Nowadays, our life is full of responsibilities, pressure, traffic, competition, social media. So you need to:

  • Reach your client easily
  • Attract him to see what is going on
  • Inspire him to continue till the end of your story
  • Convince him to take the needed action

But there is a huge NOTE: your client won’t give you lot of time. So you are expected to do all above in second, not even minutes!!

If you check around, you won’t find any marketing tool or content will help you achieving this. EXCEPT Short Explainer Videos!

You might ask why do I need an animated one?

For many reasons;

  • Animation is very attractive to anyone, especially young people
  • Variety of techniques in 2D and 3D
  • Variety of types: Storytelling, Infographic, Whiteboard …etc.
  • Variety of infographic and illustrations options
  • Animation is not restricted with place, time, weather and availability of actors
  • Can be edited as much as needed at anytime
  • Reflects your marketing guidelines better than anything else
  • Cost is much cheaper than commercial videography


Watch this video to know more about animated explainer videos: Homepage video

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