Story Explainer

Deliver a comprehensive message perfectly and get everybody's attention


What exactly is Story Explainer Video?

Story Explainer Video is one of the most efficient and attractive marketing contents to deliver comprehensive messages in a quick, smart and unique way.
while you will be characterizing your targeted audience and your team.

Watching a story explainer is similar to watching a movie where it has a real story, realistic scenario, real characters, beginning, and ending. the only difference is timing.


When should you choose a story explainer
as a type of your video?
Simply, there is no limitation for usage scenarios

Through a story explainer video, you can tell anyone, anything, anytime, anywhere.
Here are the most common scenarios:

  • If you want to tell a real eye-catching story
  • To tell a complicated process or explain a business model with quality
  • To differentiate yourself from the competition
  • To build great brand awareness while your logo winks and rings
  • To characterize your target audience or your team
  • To attract specific market segments
  • To merge all video and audio types together in a video